CHEERFULLY MADE SWAG | Cheerfully Made Spring Market '16

Hello lovelies!

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Cheerfully Made Spring Market.

...And by attending, I of course mean getting up at 6am on a Sunday to stand outside the Almonte Ag Hall for 3 hours with a bunch of Cheerfully Made enthusiasts. (We mean business)

And why would we happily subject ourselves to this? Two words - Swag Bags. And these ones are Oh so good.

Each of the 50+ vendors from the show give a little something for the bags, and you end up with the perfect little mixture of swag. Coupons, headbands, lip balms, rocky road bars- You name it, it's in there!

Some of my favourites from this show's bag? A lip scrub from Scrub Inspired,  a beautiful pair of earrings from Grow Studios, and a little clay bowl that now acts as a well-loved ring dish from Hollow Clayworks.

Want in on the insanity? Start the countdown- The Etsy Made in Canada - Ottawa 2016 Show is September 24+25, and the Cheerfully Made Holiday Market (my personal favourite) is November 5+6!


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